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He could establish a court of law, operate a mill and organize a commune. He also usually granted hunting, fishing and woodcutting licences.

The seigneurial system is often presented as a basic form of land distribution and occupation. However, recent studies have called for a re-evaluation of this traditional interpretation and have highlighted an aspect of the seigneurial system that is often neglected. As an institution, the seigneurial system played a leading role in building and maintaining social relations in New France.

However, this is not to suggest that the seigneuroppressed the censitaire. The availability of land in the 17th and 18th centuries allowed habitants to choose where to settle.

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Furthermore, seigneurswho were too demanding, who were absentee landowners, or who neglected to develop their lands were less likely to attract settlers. Despite the attractions of city life and the fur trade, 75 to 80 per cent of the population lived on seigneurial land until the midth century.

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Roughly seigneuries were granted during the French regime. Seigneuries were granted to the nobility, to religious institutions in return for education and hospital services , to military officers and to civil administrators. Other institutional organizations such as parishes, municipalities and the militia held land bordering on these seigneuries.

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The land of the habitant was a kind of economic unit essential for survival. Everyone hoped to be the sole tenant, producing most of what he required in order to live. The system of land tenure, which placed rural inhabitants close to one another, and in the early 19th century the village, were the foundation upon which the family, neighbour relations and community spirit developed. The closeness of this agricultural society to the soil led naturally to a feeling that land was included in one's patrimony, to be passed from generation to generation.

After Canada was ceded to Britain in see Treaty of Paris , new British laws respected the private agreements and the property rights of francophone society, and the seigneurial system was maintained. But as new land was opened for colonization, the township system developed. As time went on, the seigneurial system increasingly appeared to favour the privileged and to hinder economic development. After much political agitation, it was abolished in by a law that permitted tenants to claim rights to their land.

Every year on St. While the Seigniorial Act of abolished the system of rights and obligations, neither seigneurial property nor the relationship between seigneurand censitairewas abolished. The amount received was then transferred to the SNRRS to be used to repay the loan over a year period.

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In short, the impact and importance of the seigneurial system goes beyond landscape and toponymy see Place names. Some former seigneurs played central roles in municipal politics and became the first mayors of their localities. Charles E. Bernard Valero Ambassadeur de France en Belgique.

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