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E2M7 - Neobabel. E2M8 - Blood and Bone.

Drop The Soap by Bob Rivers

E2M9 - The Dig. E2M10 - The Gauntlet. E3M1 - The Iron Cathedral. E3M2 - Fire and Ice. E3M3 - City of Shadows. E3MS - The Ratacombs. E3M5 - Blasphemy. E3M6 - Brimstone Ghetto. E3M7 - Homecoming. E3M9 - The Dweller in Darkness.


E3M10 - Dusk. A fun side note: You can actually flush the soap bar s down any toilet, but it's not necessary for the achievement. Like the first level, the bar of soap here is located on the 2nd floor bathroom of the farm house, this time sitting in the shower. To access the secret level of this episode, go to this building: -and flip this switch, which opens up the entrance to the secret exit.

Then, return to the start of the level, and use a prop a box, barrel, crate, etc.

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From the secret exit of the last level, navigate through the level as normal, locate this shack with some Leathernecks outside of it: Dive into the water, follow the water all the way to a secret area with the yellow key This is needed for the soap later. Next, find the drainage pipe, and follow it to the yellow door room: Go through the door, kill the Mage, and on your left further inside the room, there is a panel on the wall you can open: -that leads to the secret area with the hollowed health, the bar of soap is located right next to the hollowed health.

Don't Drop the Soap

Navigate this level like normal, and once you drop into the crypt full of rats, there's an alcove on the left with the bar of soap up inside of it. This is a pretty easy one, the soap bar is on top of some barrels, right at the start of the level. Go left from the start point, down the mountain: -and hop inside of the open boxcar you may need to use a box, or crouchjump up into here , the soap bar is up on top of a small crate.

Use some explosives a gas can, the riveter, etc. Again, like the first level, the bar of soap is located in the 2nd floor bathroom, in the house next to where you find the ethereal crossbow It's in the shower, yet again.

Joining a Prison Gang and Dropping the Soap - Don't Do Either In Prison - Prison Talk 1.2

After finding the red key in this level, go through the red key door, the soap is on top of a shelf on your left. After clearing out some enemies, blast open the cracked wall here: This leads to a secret area with a rat. After killing the rat, there's another wall that can be blasted open on your left: This leads to a hidden bathroom, the bar of soap is on top of the toilet.

In the room with the keypad s in it, on the back wall on your right, there's a secret panel on the wall that opens, revealing the last bar of soap for Episode 1. Make your way across the firing zone, and make your way up to the granary proper, then, blow up these two cars in this garage: The soap bar is underneath what used to be the two cars.

Proceed through the level, and make your way into the large, Open area: After clearing out all the enemies, look for this wall: The odd looking panel on the wall there opens, leading down to a secret area. In this secret area, flip this switch: -to open the second secret room, that houses the soap bar. Inside this level, navigate through and locate the blue key, then proceed through the blue key door: Go through this passage, and clear out the room of enemies.

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In the corner of the first area, behind some barrels, is a button: Press this to open a secret area, the bar of soap is on top of a large crate inside of the secret area. To reach the secret exit of this Episode, go to the very end of the level, and use explosives to blow open this wall: This leads to a secret area with some enemies: After defeating them, navigate to the very back of the room, and press this button: The teleporter nearby the button takes you back to the drop chute before the end area.

Instead of dropping back down, turn around and go through this passage: This leads down to another secret area, with a breakable floor. Use some explosives to blow open the floor: -and drop down. Make sure to grab the soap quickly, as it's relatively hard to get back to this area without a lavasuit. Yet again, proceed through the level as normal, then, enter this room: Push the button, and watch out for the ambush behind you, once the ambush is dispatched, go through the doorway that opens up behind you, into the room full of beakers: The soap bar is on one of the tables on your right.

This bar is actually quite tricky to get to, it's up on top of one of the pylons a not very accessible one at that : Use one of the fans to climb up to the large catwalk surrounding the reactor: Once up here, you've got a couple of options on how to get up on top of the reactor pylon. You can jump on the supports connected to the pylons nearby, and navigate up to this point: -and attempt a technical rocketjump with the riveter have to do a bit of a wallclimb with it. This can be kind of hard to pull off, so make sure to save before attempting this or any of the other methods, really.

A second viable option, if you have enough ammo for the ethereal crossbow, is to crossbow jump up Jump, and continously the fire crossbow down at your feet, similar to Force-A-Nature jumping. Whichever method you choose, the bar of soap is up here next to a hallowed health. Go through this level as you normally would, and obtain the blue key on the roof of the main lab building: Proceed inside, then push this button: This triggers an ambush in the room behind you.

Clear out all the enemies, then go down these stairs that open up on the right: At the bottom of the stairs, there's a grate overlooking the void.

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