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Not only will this save money for airline companies and keep real-time data to project repairs, but it will keep travelers safer during their travels. Any issues with the planes are caught ahead of the flight and taken care of before a plane hits the runway. No more sitting on the runway for hours when they need to refuel or fix a part. With this upgrade to AI and aircraft repairs, companies are drastically decreasing the amount of delays passengers face due to malfunction.

That is good news for all. Traveler Experience AI is already being used at airports and by airlines for a number of things. United Airlines has teamed up with Amazon Alexa to help customers check in and learn about their flights. Delta Air Lines is using self-service kiosks that use facial recognition technology to verify customer identity by matching customer faces to passport photos. Other airlines are using AI before customers even get to the airport, to upsell loyalty program passengers on business class upgrades or extra baggage by having AI automatically design the website checkout process to appeal to different groups of users.

AI can also help to reduce the problem of overbooking flights. The AI could then give ground staff up-to-the-minute information on how many people are likely to board. This could help the problem of having to remove passengers from planes that have already boarded. AI is being explored in the commercial airline segment of the aviation industry and is being integrated across multiple areas including customer service, airport and flight operations.

While the leading commercial passenger airlines are relatively early-adopters of AI, industry projections depict a business environment primed for innovation and automation. C'est une bonne nouvelle pour tous. L'IA pourrait alors apporter au personnel au sol des informations sur le nombre de personnes susceptibles d'embarquer. Disfrazados de empresarios, prefieren sobornar que asesinar. De los ostentosos y violentos del siglo pasado, a los silenciosos, casi invisibles de hoy.

Tienen el aspecto de un hombre de negocios respetable". Incluso, con la tajada del narco que controlan, tienen recursos para reclutar nuevos miembros, explican. Mientras sea posible, prefieren solucionar los problemas con plata y no con balas. En Estados Unidos se vende sobre los UU Los mexicanos son los principales compradores en el extranjero, porque conducen la droga hasta Estados Unidos. Aux Etats Unis il se vend aux alentours de We utilize advanced atmospheric remote sensing technologies to provide continuous boundary layer wind, temperature, vapor and liquid profiles.

We offer a software suite which provides cutting-edge nowcasting and visualization tools for airport installations. Our system can be configured for a wide variety of applications including air quality monitoring, emergency management support, mesonet monitoring solutions and space launch support. This document focuses specifically on our configurations optimized for airport applications. All data from the collocated sensors are integrated and processed through our software.

It is a web-based software suite that automatically generates and delivers critical nowcasting products along with a fully customizable alerting system. It provides weather forecasters and decision makers with up-to-date information and observations during hazardous weather conditions and dynamic weather events which impact airport operations. Our Total Atmospheric Profiling Solution serves to enhance airport operational safety, reliability, and efficiency by providing forecasters with the proven remote sensing technologies and state-of-the-science tools necessary to produce more timely and accurate alerts and warnings of impending hazardous weather conditions.

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The resulting improvement in weather situational awareness by forecasters, pilots and airport managers allows for more efficient, safe, and successful airport operations, which translates to cost savings. Relevance of our System for Airport Operations We provide continuous, high temporal resolution profiles of atmospheric thermodynamic and wind conditions to monitor: Temperature, humidity, and liquid water content Atmospheric stability and convective forecast indices Temperature inversions Wind profiles and wind shear characteristics Evolution of the low-level jets Development and dissipation of fog events Presence of icing conditions We provide keymeteorological information within the Planetary Boundary Layer PBL from the surface to approximately m AGL.

The evolution and dynamics of PBL processes often drive the onset of mesoscale meteorological phenomena including high impact weather events. Terminal Area Wind Measurements We provide the ability to constantly monitor low-level wind field characteristics along with any associated wind shear, low-level jets, headwinds, tailwinds, and crosswinds. These parameters are critical to pilot weather situational awareness and gauging of aircraft performance. Wind retrievals are processed through proprietary wind shear algorithms which deriveuser-defined magnitude and depth characteristics.

The parameters can then be utilized by decision makers, including controllers and pilots, to make informed decisions regarding takeoff and landing operations that take into account potential changes in aircraft performance resulting from wind shear conditions. The figures show wind shear alerts based on user definable shear thresholds and depth. Shear alerts can be defined based on across or along runway values. All wind barb profiles and shear calculations are updated every 5 mins.

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As a result of the timing of the LLJ, such events can be particularly troublesome for locations that have considerable flight operations during the late evening and early morning hours. We provide the ability to monitor the wind velocity and wind shear characteristics associated with the LLJ in real-time. Mechanical processes often drive mixing of the high velocity winds aloft down to the surface, resulting in an unforeseen increase in surface wind speeds. Atmospheric stability dictates the extent of the downward mixing, which can be evaluated using radiometer retrievals to provide forecasters with insight into mixing depth prior to the mixing occurring.

If the mixing depth extends to the surface and the increase in surface wind speed is significant, local controllers may need to adjust runway configurations in an effort to avoid exceeding aircraft tailwind limits, which can result in inbound delays due to tactical rerouting. Figure 3 below shows a 24 hr time series of wind barbs and wind shear warnings from the Abu Dhabi system. Note also the shallow depth of maximum speeds of the LLJ — less than ft.

Although Figure 3 shows a hour time series, it must be noted the wind profiles are updated every 5 minutes, allowing the ability to closely monitor the onset and dissipation of phenomena such as the LLJ. Without this type of information, an airport forecaster cannot reliably predict LLJ onset, depth, or dissipation. In addition to the surface hazards, strong shear and turbulence aloft may also be present due to the difference in wind velocity between the surface and the LLJ, which may result in critical changes to aircraft performance, particularly during approach and climb-out.

Temperature Inversions Our thermodynamic retrievals provide the ability to monitor low-level temperature inversions LLTI that effectively change the atmospheric density profile. Upon take-off, fully loaded aircraft encountering a LLTI will notice changes in performance including a decrease in climb rate for the same thrust rate when compared to a take-off where a LLTI is not present.

The LLTI strength and depth characteristics provided by We provide awareness of the possibility of occurrence of these performance changes, allowing the operators to mitigate the potential for inadvertent corrections due to lower than expected climb rates. In addition, quantitative data from the radiometer can be utilized in conjunction with ambient air temperature and density altitude calculations to support establishment of climb-out protocols, both to improve operational safety and provide potential fuel savings.

Note the significant increase in low-level humidity and liquid water content during the inversion period. Terminal Area Fog Conditions Our water vapor and liquid water measurements provide information on the amount and depth of liquid and vapor present in the PBL.

This information, combined with temperature, dew point, and relative humidity characteristics, forms the basis for reliable detection and characterization of fog, a major contributor to airport delays. Studies using WTPS instrumentation have demonstrated that conditions associated with the evolution of fog events are dependent on the type of fog as well as mesoscale and geographic features specific to the location. As such, formation and dissipation characteristics need to be analyzed at the installation site in an effort to adapt our algorithms for the nuances specific to the location.

Forecasters at the Dubai International Airport DXB have successfully shown that the additional information gained from our in-situ observations significantly increases the understanding of the local PBL structure during fog events, and as a result, the predictability of such occurrences. Under these conditions radiative cooling cannot provide enough heat loss to cool the atmosphere sufficiently to reach saturation during the overnight hours.

Additionally, cooling at the top of the PBL often leads to stratus cloud development, further limiting the amount of longwave radiation that can escape the PBL.

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Terminal Area Frost, Freezing Rain, and Icing Conditions We provide measurements of integrated vapor and integrated liquid throughout the atmosphere. These measurements,when combined with the retrieved temperature profiles, allow for the monitoring of potentially hazardous phenomena including frost, freezing rain potential, and PBL icing potential. Similar to our sability to provide information for fog forecasting as described above, the retrievals can also be utilized to improve forecasts of frost characteristics including intensity. This information can provide end-users with the necessary knowledge to determine with high confidence whether deicing will be required and may also provide timing information including onset and dissipation.

During potentially hazardous precipitation events, we provide continuous monitoring of PBL temperature profiles along with liquid water and vapor density profiles. This information is vital to determining precipitation type and amount at the surface and can help discriminate between rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, and snow.

The real-time temperature profiles can also assist in forecasting the timing of any precipitation phase changes as well. The ability to monitor and nowcast such changes in real-time allows for informed decision making that can result in significant improvements to operational procedures and expenses, including improvements to the scheduling and efficiency of deicing operations.

Here is a breakdown of the flight — from takeoff to forced-landing. The story is now told in Sully: Miracle on the Hudson and here is a breakdown of the flight from departure to landing. The trip is scheduled to take around two hours. Almost fully laden, and weighing around ,lbs, it reaches its take-off speed of mph and begins its ascent. Sullenberger, who has just taken over the flight from his co-pilot, who has spent the previous seconds trying and failing to restart the engines, responds. We lost thrust in both engines. With no thrust and perilously little altitude he decides that a turn and glide back to LaGuardia is not a viable option.

Anything in New Jersey? Maybe Teterboro? You can land Runway 1 at Teterboro. Which runway would you like at Teterboro? The only major vertical obstacle in his way is the George Washington Bridge, which Sullenberger clears with about feet to spare. Heads down!

Stay down! There is no panic, and some passengers stay inside the now gently drifting airliner to hand life vests to those already on the wings. The water temperature in the river is a chilly 2C, but a few passengers, wary of an explosion, dive in and swim away from the downed aircraft.

Captain Sullenberger walks the entire length of the flooded aircraft twice to check that no passengers remain inside before exiting the plane. Seventy-eight people are treated for minor injuries and hypothermia. It is only the fourth time that a commercial airliner has been intentionally landed on water. I believe now we have had a Miracle on the Hudson.

Experts accused him of reckless endangerment. Go see Sully: Miracle on the Hudson to find out how he proved them wrong.

Nous faisons demi-tour vers LaGuardia. Quelque chose dans le New Jersey?

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One of the key elements to maintaining the vitality of civil aviation is to ensure safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sustainable operations at the global, regional and national levels. A specialized agency of the United Nations, the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO was created in to promote the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation throughout the world. ICAO serves as the primary forum for co-operation in all fields of civil aviation among its Member States. Applying these principles in the field of aviation safety requires ICAO to pursue a strategy comprised of proactive and reactive safety analysis and risk management processes.

For many years, we have been a leader in the aviation industry on security matters and you can be reassured that we have some of the most stringent security measures in place. We take our commitment to delivering a safe and secure operation at all our airports very seriously indeed, and would not fly to a location unless we felt i twas safe and secure to do so. The latest news from Safety Airways on these security measures is available and regularly updated on www. New York, Columbia University Press: Reader in Gender Archaeology. The Gender of Oppression. Men, Masculinity and the Critique of Marxism.

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Paris-lapolitique et autres histoires. Paris, POL, p. Morphology and Paleoecology. The Small Cosmos. Oxford, Clarendon Press: WURM H. The Handicap Principle. A Missing Piece of Darwin Puzzle. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books. Feel free to give our address: contact openedition. We will be glad to provide it with information about OpenEdition and its subscription offers. Thank you. We will forward your request to your library as soon as possible.

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