Decrease Pain Naturally: A self-healing guide to hydrotherapy

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After giving one control group just pain medicine and another pain medicine with a few drops of lavender oil, those who were supplemented with lavender oil saw a difference in how much they were able to tolerate their level of pain post-surgery. Lavender oil is also associated with treating both anxiety and depression —one study shows that those who breathed in the smell of lavender for three minutes had decreased anxiety scores and experienced a lift in mood afterwards. Also called Ayurveda, this system of medical beliefs has been a traditional method of medicine in India for more than years , and most practices have actually been passed down by word of mouth.

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For this specific type of medicine, interconnectedness among people and their environment is stressed. It specifically utilizes herbs, metals and unique diets as treatment for health issues, but studies have not proven either its effectiveness or safety from a Western standpoint for example, ingesting some metals improperly can get you sick. At this point, the Western POV is that Ayurvedic medicine can be helpful, but you should consult a trained practitioner for guidance. This lesser-known practice involves soaking in hot and cold baths to heal ailments—it often involves salty water from places like the Dead Sea or from sulfur springs.


The idea is that the absorption of the water or components of it like sulfur fight illness in the body. Although most studies are inconclusive as to its effectiveness, one study shows it may help those suffering from arthritis. Often times, spinal adjustments or tweaks are made to alleviate pain in other areas. Researchers believe chiropractic may treat a variety of ailments including low-back pain, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches.

A study found that chiropractic therapy decreased pain and improved function in patients 18 to 35 when used alongside standard medical care. Naturopathic medicine is a combination of traditional methods and approaches from 19th-century Europe that "heal" with nature. This practice looks to dietary and lifestyle changes, taking herbs and dietary supplements, and using acupuncture and exercise to keep your body healthy.

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No specific studies prove the overall effectiveness of naturopathy, but it's believed to help with migraines, diabetes, asthma, and depression, among other things. This is a Japanese method for relaxation that relies on the concept that a " life force energy " flows inside of us, which is why we are alive. The belief is that when the energy is low, we are weak and unhealthy, but when it is high, we have a larger probability of being healthy and finding happiness.

Reiki is a form of healing—a practitioner places their hands on or near a person's body to eliminate the negative energy that causes us to feel sick. A study in Research in Gerontological Nursing found that Reiki was successful in improving symptoms of pain, depression and anxiety in older adults residing in community housing.

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Reflexology revolves around applying pressure to certain points on the feet, hands or ears. These reflex points are thought to specifically connect to organs in our body. It's believed that pressing them helps to keep us healthy for example, when a practitioner places their thumb on a certain part of the foot, it's thought to help bladder function. Reflexology is linked to treating cardiovascular problems, PMS and sinusitis, among other things. Be sure to read about the essential oils that will keep you healthy, and tell us which holistic healing practices you're most interested in trying.

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Warm Water Therapy | Water Pain Relief

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The power of a hydrotherapy spa pool

Verified Purchase. As a massage therapist I have always used hydrotherapy for aches and pains. However when you really hurt yourself, your not always thinking straight. I broke my toe and bought this book right away.

Pulled it up on my phone and it was very helpful! Turns out I was not always using heat and cold correctly.

Release the healing, therapeutic effects of warm water

Not only did this set me straight but it had me laughing through my tears of pain. I'm glad I have it on my phone. Now if I'm out hiking or camping with the kids, I have a "how to" guide right at my fingertips to use in any situation.