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Both were comfortable with traditional distribution systems. Then in , Staples and Office Depot shook up the category. Avery and Dennison had merged in October , and the new management adapted quickly to the emerging super-store environment. The company eliminated most of its slow-moving products and invested millions in state-of-the-art sourcing, logistics, and distribution technology.

The simplified product line allowed Avery Dennison to focus on reducing the costs of its high-volume items; with its new technology, the company can guarantee that every order will be filled in 48 hours or less. In-Store Salespeople. This step may seem counterintuitive. To give one example of the difference salespeople can make, consider that most decisions about stocking, merchandising, and displaying products at each Wal-Mart store are made from the head office in Bentonville, Arkansas. Why would any manufacturer want to cut into the big savings achieved by selling to one buyer instead of 2, store managers?

In fact, store managers in Wal-Marts and elsewhere have a lot of say in determining how and where a product actually gets presented. Needless to say, the cameras sold out. Store managers have a lot of say in determining how and where a product gets presented. The big boxes have revolutionized retailing, but they have not killed categories.

Rather, they have increased the importance of channel-focused strategies. A manufacturer can thrive with the superstores if it offers them focused, branded product lines; streamlined distribution; rapid replenishment; and a sales force that understands how these stores work. Your new people will learn how to do their job, how to conduct themselves in an exemplary fashion and how to succeed.

Imagine that you have the best people and they are fully trained and ready to succeed….

How to Manage a Winning Trade 🙂

In addition to hiring top performers, training them well and preparing them for success, the task of managing your hours and the many changing priorities you have every day is incredibly important. Planning and managing your time will make a huge difference to the level of success you will achieve. Top management wants people who can look ahead with concrete plans for increasing their business. People who do this move up in the organization!

Everything you need to know about managing retail inventory.

Hiring Aces. What to look for in a Candidate Before the Interview. Preparation… the pre-interview stage. Acceptable Responses. Additional Resources.

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Winning with the Big-Box Retailers

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