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The Holocaust and Compensated Compliance in Italy

II Roma: , p. Carmody C. That text also gives the letter about Abbot Tesauro. See also F.

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Donati F. Helene Wieruszowski published the Sommetta , the collection of model letters useful for the affairs of the Florentine Chancery C. But see Aruch BhIV. It is important to view both letters and literary texts within this notarial and chancery context in Naples, France and in Florence. We have eleven autographs, ten of which are so signed. Entries in square brackets are to autobiographical and historical statements in the French and Italian vernaculars related to these events.

Numbering in some cases re-ordered. ASF 31 March Capitoli di Firenze Registri 29, cc. Guido Guerra deeds land in Montevarchi and Montemurli to Florence. ASF 6 April , Cap. Related to above transaction. ASS 20 April, 21 June Major peace treaty with Siena, in Santa Reparata. ASS Caleffio vecchio , c. Repeats above document, stating it is copied later, 3 August ASS Caleffio vecchio , cc. Copies above documents. ASF 12 August , Cap.

Sale of more land involving Guido Guerra. ASF 14 August Volterra diploma. On Volterran Constitution. Index to Reg. Repeated Cap. Pact between Guelfs of Arezzo and Florence. ASF 10 September Treaty with Genova and Pisa. Now lost, though published, document. Alison Stones DVD. Survives in Epistolarium. ASF 14 October Protocol, Compagnie religiose soppresse C. ASF Strozzi-Uguccione. Miscellanea diplomatica, 13 August , 26 October Privilege copied from BL document to Uguccione family.

ASF 4 June July, Libro di Montaperti , cc. ASF 26 February Libro di Montaperti , c. ASF 20 July ASF 22 July ASF 23 July Biblioteca Laurenziana, Strozziano , Tesoretto , c. Giovanni Villani, Cronica , VI. Rhetorical Letter from father, Bonaccursus Latinus, about Montaperti. In Epistolarium. Livres dou Tresor , first redaction account of exile. Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Instr. Wesminster Abbey, 17 April , from Bar-sur-Aube. Muniment Livre dou Tresor contains letter to Charles written prior to June Charles of Anjou sworn in a Senator of Rome.

Li Livres dou Tresor. ASF 20 August Volterra diploma, During Seige of Poggibonsi. At Pistoia as Protonotario. Ideoque subscripsi. San Gimignano, Bibl. Same document as above with minor differences in ordering of formulae. Datum per manus Brunetti Latini de Florentia, curie nostre prothonotarii. ASF 20 December Pistoia, Cap. ASF 25 February , at Pistoia. Volterra Diploma, for , 25 February; copy, , April 13, Historiae Pisanae, fragmenta, auctore Guidone de Corvaria , in L. Muratori XXIV.

ASB 12 July Memoriali di Pietro di Bonincontri Cazaluna, , c. Latinus Bonaccursi in Bologna borrows money. ASB 8 December Ivi, CLI. Above loan paid back. ASF 13 July Santa Maria Nuova. Concerning a licence granted by the Comune to sell property. ASS 25 July Concerning negotiations for the Guelf League in Tuscany against Pisa. Formerly ASF October 29, And then there is silence, an absence, from , where BL may be in secret negotiations in Outremer, Aragon, Genova, Constantinople, apart from a brief return for the Peace of Cardinal Latino.


Peace of Cardinal Latino. Letter sent from comune of Palermo to comune of Messina to urge revolt against King Charles of Anjou. Amari I Tesoro Sicilian Vespers account in four manuscripts. Liber Fabarum , I. Arte di Calimala legal transaction. Lib Fab. Not found in conserved version, flood damage. Guido dei Cavalcanti also listed. ASF Cap Fir. League against Pisa, blockading entry of all foodstuffs into city, on order of King Charles of Anjou.

ASF Cap. ASG Cod. ASF 19 January Lib. About peace between Genova and Pisa. Corso Donati also spoke. ASF 8 February Lib. ASF 10 February Lib. ASF 13 February Lib. ASF 16 March Lib.

Tradimento coniugale. Quando tuo marito ti tradisce. Come superarlo con la Psicologia?

Concerning Lucca. ASF 30 March Manectus Benincasa also spoke. ASF 10 April On number of Priors. ASF 12 April ASF 5 June Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale II. Prior from 15 August October Would have passed two months in Torre del Castagna by the Badia]. ASF 4 September Provvisioni protocolli I, cc. ASF 3 October Further to previous discussion, Ser Brunetto Latino again speaking. Provvisioni registri II, c. Preparations for war against Arezzo, resulting in 11 June Battle of Campaldino. ASF 12 July, On funding, after the fact, of war against Arezzo. ASF 12 January II, cc. In choir of Santa Reparata concerning Arezzo.

ASF 18 January II, c. War taxation for Arezzo campaign. ASF 6 February Concerning an appointment to office and salary. ASF 8 February Is not Cap. ASF 22 February Again on war taxation and funding. ASF 12 March Concerning war with Pisa and embassy, and needed funds. ASF 13 March More of the same.

ASF 21 March Concerning disposition of Aretine territories, prisoners. ASF 20 April ASF 1 May ASF 4 June On Lucca sending forces to aid Florence. In the Badia. ASF 4 November III, c. On Florentine embassy to Prato. ASF 29 June ASF 24 July Again, about freeing prisoners.

This section of Liber Fabarum is cancelled. About electing notaries and nuncios to Priorate. ASF 27 February ASF 5 March ASF 3 April ASF 13 April About peace concord. ASF 16 April, Embassy concerning response to Charles II, Apulia. ASF 26 April, About expenses in connection with war with Pisa. ASF 17 June, In Baptistery. Against Pisa. Section cancelled. ASF 22 July, III, circa c. Council against Pisans, Vanni Fucci Inf. Dante pretends he meets BL in Inf.

The bulk of the MSS are of Li Livres dou Tresor and these are to be found as far apart as Madrid, Oxford and St Petersburg several, mainly fragments, later travel to the New World , and they can serve to demonstrate the currency of French, the lingua franca , in medieval Europe. The vernacular Italian works are limited for the most part to Italy. Indeed, Florence exhibits a paucity of Tresor manuscripts only one, Laurentian, Ashburnham , which came later to Florence, out of 88 elsewhere , but a multiplicity 55 out of of Tesoro MSS in Italian.

Dante in Inferno XV. A discussion of the illuminations of the two languages and nations result in different styles and conventions. However, it appears that BL had access to Italian scribes in Arras in northern France where the Lombard community was vigorous during this period, so that there are manuscripts in Picardan French with French illuminations but in the Bolognan libraria script of MS Bb.

Many of the earliest and best Italian manuscripts of Rettorica , Ethica , Tesoretto and Tesoro are likewise in this script. The Rettorica translates Cicero, De inventione , and its medieval commentaries, while Tresor gives a more practical version, partly from Ad Herennium. Thus BL twice wrote on the subject of rhetoric. Maggini C.

The manuscripts usually include diagrams. This coulde be Ugo Spina. Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale, II. Maggini, Bolton Holloway. See De Robertis LbI , p. Paper MS, C. Maggini, De Robertis, Bolton Holloway. Rajna, Maggini, base text; Bolton Holloway, S. Miniature of Cicero, BL. Magnificent manuscript, base text for C.

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Commentary in smaller script than Cicero text; this hierarchy of script is copied in B5 edition. Previously owned by Servi di Maria della Santissima Annunziata. Maggini, Bolton Holloway, S. Also Fiore di Rettorica. Firenze, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Paper MS. With Fioretto della Rettorica. Firenze, Bibl. Laurenziana, Red. With Orationi. Bound with Tesoro. Munich, Staatbibl.

Leiden University, Vulc. Cited, Emil J. Rev , Bertoni BhII. Confusion exists concerning the siglum. Wiese C. Tommaso Casini had written to Wiese telling him of it. But it is not in that MS nor does Mazzatinti list it. I therefore exclude these two fugitive MSS. BL lyrics are found in Vaticano, lat. A fragment of the Tesoretto and some fugitive BL lyrics are copied out in the C.

I ordered microfilms of all these Tesoretto manuscripts, working from these as well as from the originals, but Princeton University Library retained the microfilms. In most manuscripts the text of Il tesoretto is followed by that of Il favolello , a poem on friendship, much influenced by Cicero, Ailred of Rievaulx, Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun. In one manuscript Favolello alone is given Bb. Only one manuscript is illuminated Bb. There are 18 manuscripts which contain Il tesoretto in whole or in part, perhaps more, and the one with Il favolello only.

Three Tesoretto manuscripts, interestingly, are bound with the Commedia Bb. Brunetto dedicates the Tesoretto to King Alfonso X el Sabio of Spain, to whom he had gone on embassy to seek help for Florence at the time of the Montaperti disaster. The Strozzi manuscript Bb. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Strozziano Written on vellum in the late 13 C, according to Bandini, in the 14 C according to later editors. The gatherings are in three quires with signatures, one of 8 plus 2, one of 8, one of 12 folios. Beginnings of sections of the poem use large alternating red and blue capitals, typical of many Tesoretto manuscripts.

Each line begins with a small capital that has a yellow wash applied to it, and each line ends with a period. Illuminations occur, in delicate sanguine and grisaille and in Italian style, at the foot of many of the pages. See Campbell F. Monti Ia. Bertelli BhIII.

Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Laur. Early 14 C Florentine manuscript, similar to S, with alternating red and blue capitals and a yellow wash applied to smaller ones. Cart BhI. The quires are in 8s with 27 folios, Favolello beginning at c. The text is in two columns. Pages have been cut from original size. The text has more errors than S, is copied from it by a different scribe. Early 14 C Florentine. This lengthy manuscript contains first an entire Commedia of leaves.

Il tesoretto , written in three columns to the page, takes up folios Pozzi C. Modern binding. Marchesini BhI.

Gianni Berengo Gardin bibliography - Wikipedia

Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale, Palatino Brescia, Queriniana, A. Fine 14 C Emilian manuscript of 46 leaves in Bolognan libraria. Its words are carefully spaced and capitals given to proper nouns, which is not the usual practice with Florentine Tesoretto manuscripts. It lacks Il favolello. See Picci BhI. Dated by Wiese C. This manuscript was owned by the Bishop of Acerno and was used by Ubaldini C. Is it the MS Rezzi C.

In three columns, incomplete. See Bd, Be. Evidence of prison copying and Averroist material. See Petrucci, Catalogo BhI. It has 39 leaves. Corrections have been made to the text from Strozziano manuscript, probably by Ubaldini in readiness for his edition C. Very similar to Riccardiano siglum R; Bb. These manuscripts are both written in a crude cursive Gothic upon parchment that exhibits a similar disparity between their hair and flesh sides. Like C1 in being an omnium gatherum. Il pataffio C. Wiese BhI. It is a fragment in Bolognan libraria from a good early MS.

Irene Maffia Scariati finds it corresponds to Strozziano , fols 2vv, lines Paper, 15 C MS. P is descended from M. The manuscript also contains part of the Epistolarium and astronomical material and is a Florentine common-place book. Il tesoretto fragment is at cc. Prose Troy tale follows. Five-pointed stars on fly leaves.

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See Bertoni BhI. Venezia, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Zanetti 49 Beautiful Humanist script, frontispiece illuminated with gold borders, decoration. Attests to 16 C popularity of the poem. MS also contains Petrarchan material.

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Firenze, Biblioteca Riccardiana, Riccardiano Contains Il tesoretto and the poem once thought to be by BL, Il mare amoroso, as well as a sonnet. While Contini C. Teresa De Robertis identified script as 13 C. Its text speaks of the writing of the French Li Livres dou Tresor in the past; the others speak of that task in the future tense. It is not. On Mare amoroso , see N. Base text for Wiese C.

Cornell University 4. Il tesoretto. Written in Florence, early 15 C. De Ricci, Supplement , p. Plut Contains only Il favolello which begins at c. Colophon dates MS Pozzi B. Laurentian binding. Red and black rubrication. Wisdom book. The dedications became increasingly sarcastic when it became clear that Charles had no intention of following these teachings. Fauriel E. Carmody, published C. Edith Brayer BhII. To their description should be added the observations by art historians M. See Alison M. Stones DVD. His siglum E, Paris B.

Thus Carmody listed one MS twice. His R6, Vatican lat. It is extremely fragmentary and of no validity. D4 Bc. His T4 had likewise been destroyed in a fire in Torino, in Pages Front Matter Pages Fossoli and the Final Solution. The Politics of Blame. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This book analyzes the role and function of an Italian deportation camp during and immediately after World War Two within the context of Italian, European, and Holocaust history.

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