30 Day Setting up as a Virtual Assistant Challenge: without breaking the bank

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This limits the time that you spend each day on tasks that are not worth your time. Break away from your counterproductive email habits and delegate your tasks in more smarter and efficient manner. There is a world outside your email inbox! We would love to hear about your daily schedule on how many hours a day do you spend in your inbox, and are you making any conscious efforts on being more productive and creative.

Tasks Everyday is a secret tool for lifestyle entrepreneurs. Our assistants have helped seasoned business owners and the likes of founders of some amazing start -ups. The job of your personal assistant is to alleviate all those things that are coming in the way of living your life to the full. Here is a little peak into the lives of some assistants who have helped business owners achieve work life balance.

Our Excellence coach, she went from being an amazing Personal assistant to the team lead and then manager of excellence team to ensure standards and quality of work were met by the assistants. Belongs to a small state on western coast of India not far from Mumbai. Goa was a Portugal colony until , has diverse culture, exotic beaches and breathtaking churches. She has a sharp encyclopedic mind, every question you throw at her, and she has the answer. A big reason why she is an excellent mentor is because she believes in teamwork. She is a wonderful coach and guides everyone on her team along his or her way to excellence.

He has worked as customer service rep back in the day when all the major companies were setting up call centers in India. He is a remnant of the era when all customer care reps were Indian. Having worked with banks, insurance companies, car dealerships, cable companies, he knows how each of them function inside out. If you have a bill complaint or unsettled accounts that need to be sorted with any of these giants, we have never really found out how he does it, but he gets it done for you. He loves playing cricket over the weekends and is a captain of one of our in-house cricket team.

He has a degree in mass communications and loves his 2 fishes. When he is not working, you will find him glued to the TV watching cricket series. Aptly enough when we had an international cricketer as our client, Anil was assigned to his account. She has a degree in physical science and is a trained karate coach. Her coaching skills reflect on her work too.

AskSunday – Not the right virtual assistant for me

She mentors and advises new staff members in her free time. She works with a company in Philadelphia, which manufactures sleds. Year has been particularly more busy thanks to the crazy snowstorms. She takes care of any new orders that need to be entered into the database, handling any inquiries, coordinating with the shipping companies and ensuring the CRM is always up to date.

She makes sure that the process from placing the order to the delivery is pain free, confidential and correct. The sled on which the baby was born is the same company the Priya works for. It was an inspiring story. Having lived in Mumbai most of her life, she had never seen snow, until recently when her husband planned a surprise getaway to the northern parts of India which have abundance of snow. When she is not taking care of her family, she gives karate-teaching lessons to kids in her community over the weekends.

She never sits free, she is a like a little powerhouse always filled with ideas and genuine desire to help people live better! Different skills, experiences and passion, but have the same desire to help and make your life better. They take away the tasks that are repetitive, time consuming, mundane or any task that you loathe and make your life stress free. They are your life style savers and work behind the curtain; give you extra time and sanity to enjoy what is more important. LIFE itself!

Concentrating on your business and personal life becomes a challenge while you try to juggle many tasks at same time. This is where your personal assistants come into picture. If we dig a little deeper into the entire concept of working with a virtual employee there are few pointers to take into consideration. Our clients have stressed the importance of these factors over the years and we thought of sharing those with all of you. When you first start out, there are certain apprehensions as your assistant is half way across the world.

To those of you who are not outsourcing pros! This concept can be quite overwhelming. We as humans need a sense of comfort, security and reliability when it comes to our personal or professional lives and why should it be any different when it comes to working with a virtual employee. Tasks Everyday as a company has mastered the art of virtual assistant services. We want to make sure our clients can rely on us and at the same time all our assistants have a secure job. All our virtual assistants work from our own office facility at Mumbai, and here is why we choose to keep it that way.

Over the years we have seen a herd of Virtual assistant companies, freelance organizations, come and go who offer virtual assistant services. We make this virtual relationship work like a well-orchestrated song. College educated assistants: Indians are knows for their hard work and dedication. Even Big-Bang theory needed an Indian nerd-Raj. They go through rigorous selection process before joining, then starts the training and that happens months before anyone is assigned an actual client.

Job Security: Our assistants have a full time job, are employed by Tasks Everyday on a salary and works from our office facilty. They have Job security, getting paid every month regardless of clients they are assigned and the freedom to learn and grow each month. When other companies prefer to offer the job to the lowest bidder we keep it ethical.

We ensure you that the time you are being billed for, they are actually working on your tasks and not doing their laundry. It is very hard to avoid the necessary distractions when you work from home. That is one major reason why we do not have freelancers working with our company. Dedicated assistant works ONLY with you in your time zone and his focus is to get your tasks done and nothing else.

Team leaders and quality control managers are present on the same floor at same time your assistant works for you. You get instant response all the time. They are the people in charge to ensure that your VA meets standards of excellence. You can call your assistant in your time zone and if there is anything urgent all you need to do is dial. Over the time you will share confidential information with your assistant. Assistants with skills: They love working with clients from all over the world. And they have chosen this as a profession and gone through long hours of training before being assigned to you.

So they are in this for the long haul and not just a one- time gig. They are empowered with all the necessary skills to tackle your tasks with competence, clarity and confidence. There is a lot that holds for the face value and in this virtual world we like to keep one thing real and that is the quality and reality of our Virtual assistants.

They are uniquely qualified and have the desire to help their clients by taking over their tasks and to give those clients a gift of increased productivity and better life!

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We have in our mind our clients best interests and our assistants taken care of well at same time. Back in when Virtual assistant term was garnering excitement from media It was CNN who captured the true spirit of Indian virtual assistant and a typical day in the life of an assistant who works at Tasks Everyday. There is a long list on what we do, and even longer list on what sets us apart from other VA companies but we can talk about that later in another post.

He is our go to guy. Having lived in Mumbai most of his life, he is very versatile and loves long walks on the beach. Prior to Tasks Everyday he had worked as a Design and marketing consultant. He is a team player, good with social media and abstract designs.

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He has masters in computer science as an added advantage but his passion is designing. He loves learning and helping others figure things out. I like that they offered dedicated assistance to professionals from all walks of life. I could realize my true potential and work independently with ambitious Gen xers from New York to New Zealand! He is an avid wild life photographer.

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  • He has travelled to almost all national parks of India and is actively involved in Save the Tiger mission. She is a south Indian from a small beach town called Mangalore. But there is nothing small when it comes to her aspirations and dreams. Having worked as an information management adviser prior to joining Tasks Everyday, she has great coding skills and has designed more than wonderful looking websites. Tasks Everyday was the perfect place for her to share her knowledge, skills and work with her happy clients from all around the world. You can hear our clients specifically talk about her in our success story videos.

    When she is not coding she likes to hear music and her playlist is most sought after at our in house parties. In my past few months alone I had the opportunity to work with a Hollywood stuntman who plays the double of Justin Timberlake and also design a great website for an Aussie NGO! I love the versatility and experience my job has to offer! She is our hidden gem. She is a trained classical dancer and has a passion for cooking.

    She plays a wonderful host and her friends can vouch for her Prawn curry laksa!! That should be enough to cover most of these overheads. Building a website and making meaningful connections with potential customers is a much better mantra for long term success. In that event, freelancer websites are still an incredibly useful springboard for bigger things to come your way.

    Having a go-to person for pretty much all your needs is a great assistance to any individual or business. And if you want a powerful tool to manage your virtual assistants, you have tools like Time Doctor. To see how Time Doctor can help you manage your VAs more easily, why not sign up for the free trial? There are many independent Virtual Professionals out there with corporate backgrounds in marketing, sales, and administrative work.

    Larger Virtual Assistant agencies like Zirtual may not suit some businesses but these independent VAs may fit the bill. I am one of them. So many articles talk about the large agencies but overlook people like myself who run their own VA services with sub-contractors. We call ourselves, Multi-VA companies. I would add that people should look at Linkedin for a virtual professional.

    I want to be a virtual assistant what will my salary be? - The Globe and Mail

    You will find quite a few there and get a more personal touch along with the professional expertise you are looking for. Good article, Greg! After I hired my first virtual assistant it changed my life completely. Now a personal assistant helps me to sort my email, find new leads for my business, generate new content for my blog, etc. She also protects my time for personal life. Greetings, Thank you for the content.

    What Is A Virtual Assistant?

    Please advise what package can be expected by a candidate applying for the position of Virtual Assistant. Great write up!

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    • Just wanted to add here…. Tons of clients want to control how many hours they use rather than be forced to use a certain amount every month. The idea of people working virtually is really taking off. Just wanted to put that out there as well! The question you should ask yourself if do you have the bandwidth to handle your small business or do you have time to manage it? Next question is, am I capable of implementing the SEO process which will make my business rank higher if it is an online business which is the most effective strategy and most used process by online marketers.

      Being able to outsource routine tasks was a huge stress reliever for me, it gave much more time and energy to focus on growing my business. Rather than getting buried in emails, invoices and never ending To Do lists, I was finally able to tap into my creativity and start planning months ahead. After a while, I felt comfortable enough to go away for the weekend and spend quality time with the people I love. Just having a couple of days to switch off and recharge my batteries made me much more efficient. Outsourcing to a virtual assistant is a great way to avoid inevitable mistakes.

      Your email address will not be published. About the Author Latest Posts. If you would like to see where you and your team are spending your time during work, then try Time Doctor FREE for 14 days. Nanette Thelemaque says:. November 9, at pm. Vladimir Kudinov says:. November 8, at pm. Riya says:.

      Virtual Assistant Business Must-Have Software (How To Become A VA)

      This sets everyone up for success, ensuring that everyone is aware of what needs to happen, and that includes how accountability will be managed. We have weekly one on one meetings with all staff — local and virtual — to ensure that all is well, and to deal with any emergent issues. We also have one VA who oversees others, so she conducts those meetings and is responsible for a small team. Our staff — local and virtual assistants — have been the foundation of our success. But, the virtual assistant team have been especially critical in allowing us to try new things without the hassle of short-term employment that exists locally.

      That has enabled us to start early and fail early with a number of ideas, which allows a rapid development of a quality product. Personally, it is great to have such a highly qualified group of incredibly dedicated people who are committed to what we do. Indeed, the loyalty of the group is humbling, and can be perhaps best described through an early challenge. As with many businesses, in our early days we faced what you could call a cash-flow crisis.

      Our virtual assistants reached out and offered to work for free until the challenge had passed. As an organization based on trust, one day the penny dropped that our virtual assistants did not have the same legal protections as our local staff, and I wondered what effect that had on them. From that, we made conscious efforts to make clear that we understood the tenuous position that they were in, and put in place measures to show our intention to treat them well, rather than exploit them. This included setting up a staff bank, providing a couple of weeks paid time off each year, and providing a clear structure within which their rate of pay would grow.

      We also invested in their training, and arranged for them to get together from time to time for social reasons. We made clear guidelines for disciplinary and performance management, and use a similar system as we do for our local staff.