Hunting in a Farmers World: Celebrating the Mind of an Entrepreneur

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Heat wave or comfortable living. Whatever characteristics the summer season conjures up for you, as a small business owner you're expected to tackle it with the same steam as every single other month of the year. It can also be a great time for reflection. The following is a list of books that real entrepreneurs say shaped the way they do business, introduced new perspectives and essentially, changed their life.

If you are good, you should do well in everything you attempt. Failure is your worst nightmare. The other is the growth mindset as the name says, you believe you can learn and improve.

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Success takes hard work and commitment. Failure is a learning opportunity. As someone who grew up thinking that because I was smart, success should come easily, learning about this alternative mindset completely changed me.

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Tony uses real-life examples from his journey at Zappos to paint a picture of how to build a business, establish a culture and most importantly, how to delight your customers. Not only was his story inspiring, but there are a lot of things Tony did at Zappos that I still apply to my business today. Finding that balance between working in my business, fulfilling client projects, keeping the pipeline flowing and working on the business along with business development, planning for the future and strategic management is probably the hardest thing a new business owner has to learn.

I struggled with it for years until I started putting the concepts in this book into practice.

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Are you working ON your business or IN your business? It then explains how a small business owner can escape the all-too-common phenomenon of creating a prison for themselves, feeling trapped inside their business as they work sleepless days. Rather, he clearly illustrates that, in order to be successful, you need to focus on just one thing at a time.

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I have found this to be the case in my own work that careful attention and consideration of the task at hand is much more efficient than juggling a bunch of different priorities at once! It makes the idea of owning and operating a business or anything for that matter doable.

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It had a profound effect on how I looked at things and planned my own business strategy. This book taught me that my time is incredibly valuable — that I could get massive results with very little input. It takes you through the steps to change your mindset, realize that you have the power to carve out your destiny and live a rich life.

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It immediately allowed me to see all the other freedoms available to me, including travel and outsourcing my business and my life. After reading and re-reading that book, the idea of starting a business no longer intimidated me. I have employed strategies from the book to increase productivity and eliminate nonessential tasks through outsourcing.

Overall, this book has enabled me to become a better and smarter business owner, father and husband. This was the first book I found that gave me a holistic view and actionable game plan on what I should be doing to systematize and grow my design studio. It is a must read.

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I believe it sets a tone that every entrepreneur should work off of and keep in the back of their mind at all times. I highly suggest this book because the entrepreneurs share a lot of valuable business lessons from customer satisfaction and retention to employee and brand research. There are a lot of moving parts in a business and if they are not moving toward the correct direction, your business will be spinning away with all of your profits.

I would consider this to be your A-Z guide on how to run a successful business. In rereading it, I find continual nuances to make my current systems more effective and efficient. I learned how to properly communicate with potential customers which led to several contracts for my business. This book offers crystal clear reasoned insights into how to solve problems and how to remove erroneous biases and assumptions that are commonly held. This book has inspired me to be a free thinker and grow my business from zero to one by being different. But this book helps me keep perspective and focus on things that are most important to me.

About 12, years ago, a revolutionary agricultural shift took place, as people began planting and tending to crops.

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Society was often then a hunter-farmer one. Fast forward to This book compared people with ADD to hunters living in a farming society. I looked at the symptoms listed in the ADD book and recognized that many business owners behave in the exact same way. They are tenacious and have a third-eye instinct in steering their companies in the right direction, even when everyone else is dubious.

John cautions, though, that not all business owners or entrepreneurs are hunters. Others inherit a business. They may have worked at the company virtually all their lives, but they may be charged with keeping the business as is, to not screw anything up. Consider reading this book. Spock notes that they failed. And, the underlying point is that hunters should focus on hunting activities that they enjoy: creating, developing, selling and building new things.

Hunters get bored with something that they need to do three times. So, they should hire managerial people who like farming — who like participating in cyclical activities, improving them each time. Then, the managers can provide quick graphs and flash reports to the owner. He shares one final thought. admin