Selection and/or Election (Islamic Renaissance Series)

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He recalls that members of the security services took him to the station and wasted no time with pleasantries. I was just in the basement. I signed everything, and then they let me go. That same month, IRPT politicians across the country resigned. The crackdown accelerated.

Kabiri, its leader, was charged with having illegally come into possession of a market he owned, and also fled the country. On September 4, Abdulhalim Nazarzoda, an opposition leader during the civil war who had been integrated into the government, allegedly attempted an anti-government coup and was killed after government troops chased him down almost two weeks later.

The IRPT was summarily declared a terrorist organization and banned. Soon enough, hundreds of lower-level members across the country were also arrested. The few human rights lawyers who dared to defend them were themselves imprisoned.

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A massive exodus ensued. Party members fled anywhere they could. Indeed, with the only legitimate opposition now gone, Rahmon felt free to move forward with the constitutional reforms. The changes were approved with For IRPT members who made the difficult choice to flee into exile, the troubles were only beginning.

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In many cases, their families faced cruel repression back home. Yakubov, the candidate whose diploma was annulled, remembers that after he left the country, the government even went after members of his family who were its supporters. But as [my] brother, they tortured him too. Moreover, families faced not only official persecution, but also campaigns of public shaming orchestrated by government agents. We wanted to take him to Istanbul for treatment last year, but he was taken off the Turkish Airlines flight by special services at the last moment.

An old man who was in a wheelchair. This was the last message I got from him. The situation is almost like in North Korea. But few speak of this, because Tajikistan is not North Korea, it is seen as a partner — a dictator partner. Montenegro aspires to join the EU. But banking documents from the Troika Laundromat show that the country is a destination for millions of illicit dollars from Russia — and expose how the money was moved. Then — in just a matter of months — it was gone. Islamist Roots The IRPT was never anything like the small, elite-based, and mostly powerless liberal opposition parties that arose in several other newly independent Soviet republics.

The System Degrades In the initial years after the peace agreement, Rahmon had depended on warlords to cement his rule in a country ruined by war. One growing area of repression was religion.

The Death of Tajikistan’s Islamic Renaissance

A passageway at the Haji Yakub Mosque in central Dushanbe. Credit: Steve Evans. The story of Janatulo Komilov is an illustrative example. Credit: CAToday. The final blow came that fall. What had moved the government to crack down so sternly?


Related stories. Without throwing people under the bus? Well, one voice, at some point, tried to get us to change things, and that was very surprising to me, because this was a show that has many points of view. It was eye-opening. Is this going to be good? Is the show tipped in one direction? Why is a Canadian network allowing this on television? But then they realized the white people actually wanted the show. After a certain point, we act like you guys.

MANDVI On network, you have to create a show about family and not make it about being Muslim, but then sneak it in every now and then — they happen to go to the mosque. Do you have any anxiety about your shows being fodder for that? For instance, this year, the beginning of it involves the sort of big business of prosecuting entrapment. It actually tests the edges of free speech. How can someone express their discontent with American policy — even a reckless kid who might express his views that may be sympathetic to enemies of America, but still is not, himself, a terrorist, but is being set up to be one by the big business of government?

It requires creating an environment where people can speak freely about these things. It requires this vigilant empathy. This year we have the appearance of one — which is a spoiler. They want it to be ripped out of the headlines, especially when it comes to Middle Eastern content. The lead was sort of the Arab Godfather, except the family business happened to be the military dictatorship of this country.

Islam Party stirs controversy ahead of Belgian elections

So, right away, the tone of the show is up for grabs. It was at some level ambitious but ill-conceived, and we wound up casting, in the end, a Brit, who had not a drop of …. I will call it my inattention, and somehow this happened, and I knew, at some visceral level, this is going to be, among the many challenges, perhaps the greatest challenge.

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  • I auditioned for that show, and I followed that story. It was that tone deafness. One thing is, white people can play anything. According to the Algerian Ministry of Interior, They will also be electing members of municipal and state councils, who will in turn elect two-thirds of the members of the upper house, the Council of the Nation Majlis al-Oumma.

    Both chambers are an integral part of the legislative process in Algeria, especially after amendments to the constitution in expanded their powers to propose laws, question cabinet ministers, and dismiss the prime minister. Over the past couple weeks, the Algerian government has been stepping up its preparations and issuing the necessary guidelines and executive decisions for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

    Islam and democracy

    The parliamentary elections will be overseen by an independent electoral commission as per Article of the constitution. President Bouteflika issued a decree in August identifying the roles, responsibilities, and composition of the electoral commission. This was followed by another executive order appointing the members of the commission, who are divided evenly between judges and non-partisan, unelected civil society figures.

    Even though there is a formal process for domestic or foreign groups to observe elections in Algeria, the independent commission through its members and agents is responsible for receiving any complaints from voters and candidates and referring them to the appropriate authorities. For the elected bodies on the state and national levels, Algeria uses a proportional representation system with a minimum threshold for entry. The Council of the Nation, however, is indirectly elected by the people, with two-thirds of its members elected by and from elected members of the municipal and state councils.

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    According to Article of the constitution, members of the Council of the Nation serve a six-year term, and half of its members must be renewed every three years. The council is composed of members. Two-thirds—96 senators, two from each Algerian wilaya state —are elected by a majority system. The other third—48 senators, one for each wilaya —are appointed by the president. In addition to the 48 national districts, there are four districts of two seats each for Algerians abroad. The proportional list system and seat allocations follow the largest remainder method with a 5 percent threshold.

    The electoral coefficient is calculated by dividing the number of votes cast over the number of seats allocated for the district. The resulting number is then used as the basis for distributing the seats among the lists that pass the threshold, starting with the highest integer to the lowest, then from the highest remaining fraction to the lowest. In the case of a tie between two lists or more over the last seat, the list with the youngest candidate wins.

    There was a steep rise in women parliamentarians from 7. This made Algeria the only Arab country that has women constituting over 30 percent of its parliamentary representatives. The main reason for that big increase was the positive discrimination advocated by the Algerian government for women in politics.

    Any Algerian citizen who is 25 years or older, in possession of full civil and political rights excluding, for example, convicted felons , and having conducted or been exempted from their military service can run for election. However, certain categories of public servants are barred from running for elections up until a year after leaving office. admin