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Hardly representative of an entire nation…. Depending on your personal opinion and love of flavour, it tastes of chalk, paper or the sweetest type of nothing at all. The reality: This fallacy about the French attitude toward British and American efforts in the World Wars is quickly exposed. They dress like robots. Of course they do. The reality: You can find fine bottles of golden French fizziness far beyond Reims and its surrounding vineyards. So can Saumur Mousseaux. The reality: Go to Marseille. The reality: Of course there are built-up bits, and some aren't easy on the eye - what would you expect of some of Europe's loveliest coastline?

The reality: Well they are if you want over-priced tourist-trap restaurants and a selfie hotspot like the Moulin Rouge — which was really cool when it was founded in , but has rather lost its soul behind all the tour buses parked outside. Go to the Marais instead. The reality: Well, yes they do say it a fair bit, but not quite the way many rosbif think. Rather than saying it when confronted with a supposedly naughty scene, as in one of Paris's tired cabaret shows, the phrase indicates the speaker is impressed.

National Stereotypes in Perspective

Go to the Marais instead. The reality: Well, yes they do say it a fair bit, but not quite the way many rosbif think. Rather than saying it when confronted with a supposedly naughty scene, as in one of Paris's tired cabaret shows, the phrase indicates the speaker is impressed. Why, the won the World Cup as recently as They had Zinedine Zidane.

Every French stereotype harbours a grain of truth

For good measure, they repeated this trick at the tournament in South Africa. Not so formidable. OK, so they got to the final at last year's Euros, but that was on home soil The reality: Actually, this one works.

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Since the year , they've fought wars won , lost 49 and they now have one of the world's highest military budgets. But people seem to forget it. Even the recent mega-hit movie Dunkirk was criticised for ignoring France's crucial role in saving the British. There are always rumours circling around in Europe - and even further abroad - that the French are a lazy bunch. It's a pretty unfair reputation, and is probably thanks to France's famous hour week. In fact, "Why are the French so lazy But the reality is, even though a hour work week may be the law, most people in France work far longer on a weekly basis.

Figures in recent years from the labour ministry show that actual average working week for full time employees stands at Sure, a recent report found that only 4 percent of French people can speak "fluent" English. And sure, the same report ranked the French as the worst English speakers in Europe. But let's be reasonable here.

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  • The stereotypical French things in a nutshell:.

The fact is that a lot of French people do speak English, but they just don't - either because they're too shy, too embarrassed by their accent, or perhaps just don't want to. Tourists who come to Paris thinking they won't hear a word of English will be surprised - especially among the younger generation - by how many people are willing to give English a go.

French people aren't rude, it's all just one big misunderstanding. That was the title of a recent article on The Local that explained why it's simply not true that French people are rude.

Cliché ! version française

And, as you might have guessed by the name of her book, the word bonjour has special significance. It certainly may seem like the French are striking all the time, and it's true that there are often strikes going on - especially during the summer. But the truth is, it's mainly the fault of the air traffic controllers, the rail workers, and the Air France pilots, while teachers and civil servants also like to get involved.

Top French stereotypes we should stop believing

They're often using strikes to get their point heard, and their strikes are often intended to create chaos. So while you may feel hard done by while waiting for the next flight, remember it's not the whole country on strike. And lastly, you've probably heard the cliche that French women don't get fat. How ridiculous. Of course they do. In fact, recent research showed that Malta may be a small island but size can be deceiving. France's news in English Search. News categories Marseille Lyon Toulouse More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in France Browse jobs Post a vacancy.

Culture of France - Wikipedia

Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions. Other pages Noticeboard. The worst cliches about the French that really need to be dropped The Local. Share this article.

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When it comes to tired cliches about Europeans, there's perhaps no one so hit by so many stereotypes as the French. But surely it's time to drop them, writes Oliver Gee. Everything you thought you knew about the French is wrong. Well, in many cases, anyway. They all eat snails Ask a typical French person when they last ate snails, and they will probably have to think long and hard about it. admin