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I got interested in personality systems a few years back. You might ask, so what is the point then or why do you care about this? Language is a form of symbolism. Not everyone understands languages and or symbolism as thoroughly as others. Carl Jung further advanced the concept of archetypes. What are archetypes? Archetypes according to the very first line of wikipedia is a universally understood symbol, term, statement, or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated. You ask that if my aim is to increase knowledge of oneself, why would I use a source that lacks credibility?

Quite simply, astrology is not a source for credibility, nor is it a source for belief, which I keep reiterating. You can still utilize something without believing in it, you can still learn or take something away from it, without believing in it. Ideas are open, beliefs are closed. Does that clear things up? I hope so, because my head is about to explode, LOL. The simplification of personality types for efficient study is fine, but the arbitrary designation of these personalities because of when you were born is what most people find absurd about astrology. That can some across to people as being intense and focused and successful.

Weirdly, I found myself thinking season as an influence on birth made the most sense — in terms of possible environmental influences on embryonic development. Prolly moreso in past times. Seasons also vary geographically though, along with diets, movement patterns, and everything else you described.

Excuse me…I am mildly offended being an aries train-wreck. It may be true, but only some of the time okay? Been with two Virgos. Also Virgos can be a bit selfish. So I guess that works too, or not. Capricorn on the cusp with Sagittarius here. Three of them had birthdays within two days of each other.

In fact, two of them had the same birthday. Very lucky Taurus sun signs to be with you. I am not a Taurus but sun, venus, juipter and mercury are in Scorpio. You are a beautiful woman on every level. I have a lot of aquarius in my chart. Freedom is needed in relationships. Good luck beautiful. But, I must say, the Gemini description is startlingly accurate. Will I now go around asking random women their signs? I dub thee zoDumped. Interested parties should inquire within. All applicants will be considered regardless of astrological orientation. But when I was 16 and my mom offered to buy me my first tattoo, I got a scorpion right on my lower back.

Sorta regret the placement, but I still like it. Detailed, hilarious information and beautiful artwork. Just excellent article altogether. Capricorn here, have done the long term with another Capricorn, can we say Procrastination to the max, both of us really… but ugh! My other uhaul choices, are more in the friend spectrum, never really successful in the love spectrum, though I tried.

I actually have some close friends to this day that are Tauruses, the one i tried to date… um no, lots of drama, lots of need for her to be in control, and not in the good way ;-. Also was with many Scorpios, they are stubborn, they think they are all that in bed, yawn…not really.

But such intelligence and passion nonetheless. The one Virgo, was for a long term relationship too, lovely woman, but the jealousy was too much, in the long run. But hey live and learn, and break the rules. Now I am with a Gemini, going on 2 years… and yes, opposites attract, she calls me on my bullshit, she fills my heart with joy,we compliment each other very wonderfully. I love how positive she is, and our sex life awesome!

Great article, brought back a lot of memories. I could not stop laughing because not only does the bio fit me perfectly but also the awesome drawing looks exactly like me. Go Gemini! Sun and rising sign in Taurus here, and I love this stuff. I am a Taurus through and through. My absolute best friends in the world are Leo and Aries, and my most successful romance was with a Pisces. I LOVE this so much!

I am a full believer in astrology in terms of birth charts not so much daily horoscopes. Im a libra with sagittarius rising sign and a capricorn moon so other can get a little confused once they really get to know me and see my inner capricorn control freak that I try desperately to ignore. But my libra sun and sagittarius rising sign blend pretty well. I have not yet been in a relationship but I agree as far as friends go with everything you said. I have had a lot of tumultuous friendships with aquarius sun signs though but that may be in part because of my capricorn moon.

Also even though I am a libra, I am not the life of the party and dont like too much attention. I am a Virgo and I recently dated a Cancer. I was in a relationship with a Virgo before. Towards the end I stopped and that person never did. Anyway, I do sometimes like to read these things and this was a slightly different, yet interesting, take on astrology. Would have been better if I had seen that picture…. So, so much.

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When I worked at an old bookstore one summer, I was given the metaphysical section to stock and curate. This is so cool and so well put-together! A lot of it was really accurate, but I would not consider myself a social butterfly, and I absolutely hate going out to clubs. I would definitely rather stay in with my Cancer best friend and love watch Doctor Who rather than hate watch the L anything. Cause that would be kinda cool…. Poly relationship? I just thought of some bad pick-up lines based on me being a fire sign, for the other types of signs.

I am even wearing a shirt similar to the woman in the cancer photo. I did not know we were so generic. I dated an Aquarius…it was an experience. I get confused with this cuspness. You know you do that shit too…. Some love for a Taurus here? I am a hopeless romantic. Totally agree on being comfortable too. I feel a little let down because astrological descriptions for Aries all tend to describe someone as hot-headed, competitive and aggressive… which I am not AT ALL.

In fact, Pieces and Taurus better describe my personality. On my 25th birthday, some friends threw me a party at our local gay bar. Regardless, since then whenever someone brings the Zodiac into a conversation, I think of that, her, and am pretty much turned off. Sooo, in the spirit of good fun, this Taurus girl is setting out to find her perfect Capricorn,..

Loving your work :o Feels like this was written with humour, empathy and the perfect balance between providing enough relevant info to be useful without going OTT.. Am just enjoying every day as it comes and not questioning or analysing it. I agree with the Pisces and cancer match, and the scorpio one also! But Scorpios always seem to want one thing hahaha.

Remember these are only sun signs! So true! Fell for an Aquarius. God, her hands were gorgeous. Aries U-haul compatibility with an Aquarius? They will use all my things without asking and will be selfish with the space. And the Virgo thing is also wrong. Virgos love to fall for me. Anassa Kata!! Greetings from Israel.

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I just joined autostraddle. I am known as OldLadyKlainer on tumblr. She goes to college. I am a retired chef and English teacher; currently I do clothing alterations at home. I crochet, knit, quilt, cook and read ferociously. I look forward to reading your columns in the future. So nice to meet you. Pisces with a Pisces.

Especially the staring in the eyes bit. Yeah, do a LOT of that…. Been dating almost a year and have yet to really argue. This is totally off. I love all fire signs actually…. Taken in combination with your sun signs, you may find that the parts you disagree with are right on the money with the Venus signs. The only way I can figure it is that personality-wise I must be some kind of mad combination of the two. It is true that I need my personal space but I also crave so much my very active social life and have past experience of being absolutely miserable without it.

Somehow combined within one person, I can only give a sardonic recognition giggle and come to the same conclusion. My gorgeous Pisces girlfriend of 2-years-and-counting however indeed seems a perfect fit for either, and is absolutely a perfect fit for me! Fellow Leo here…. Thanks for not making me stoop so low as to take advice aimed at straight men. OK so as a Scorpio sun and rising I believe that I totally relate to my sign in every aspect, but I do not fit with the zodiac match ups. Anyway awesome post , thuroughly enjoyed reading through!

It surprises me how much we have experienced in common. Am a Gemini and I hate how much truth these words speak. Ok, I totally agree with this on a surface level. Strictly going by sun signs. Your whole chart should be taken into consideration. My partner and I have more in common under the surface than our sun signs would have you believe. The trains collided, exploded into flames, and then they re-materialized and did it a few more times just to emphasize how wrong I was in thinking that could have ever worked. I believe in astrology.

I am a cancer and no luck with aries! And aquarius…I think my moon is aries and Scorpio rising..

How do you stay up to date in this fast⁠-⁠moving industry?

And where is that pic of you? This was pretty spot on! Me being a Sag, and my girlfriend being a Pisces, it was pretty accurate! This post is true in some cases but honestly, both of us love being with each other and all. She is bossy and rude sometimes ok, most of the times and I am always arguing.

We met when I was 13 in school. I find that my Venus in Scorpio is so more important in my own chart regrading relationships, whereas my Sun ego in Libra is more applicable to my work and other projects. Very informative and entertaining! Hi mates, how is all, and what you would like to say concerning this article, in my view its actually amazing in favor of me.

So far, it has been a communication challenge because us Gems are more mental, so we seek that stimulation and communication is key. My Cap seems to appreciate life at this point in life so we enjoy each others presence as Gems like to be child-like at times. She was able to calm me and help me look through the situation. She stays on me as far as task, and I stay on her as far as goals and making sure she holds up to what she says she will do.

We also put in a lot of effort and compromise into making our relationship work which is most important aspect aside from communication. Any sun sign combo can work with these two things. This blog was… how do you say it? What you said about our pairing is pretty damn spot on, too! What may you suggest about your put up that you simply made a few days in the past? Any sure? Good read. Compatibility differs when it comes to friendship, sex and relationship.

Some are spot on in your analysis here but if one is truly honest and have had lived expansively, one will agree that to each his own and that everyone is very different. Sex wise, I consistently find a few tried and tested signs that can seriously quench my hunger for immense satisfying pleasures; and some, I would never ever touch with a mile long pole even if they looked like a Greek god-dess!

Good attitude is key. Sexiness with mutual respect is seductive and addictive. Using horoscopes to filter hookups-frens-partners may limit the sampling size, but I rather be sane, grounded, harmonious and alive than dragging closeted mental case residuals and debris along. Yes indeed there are exceptions to the rule in anything but sadly, way too far and in between for me to take the chance again and again. Trust your own instincts when connecting with someone new or those who have yet to earn your trust.

Observe, take notes, remember common patterns and always ask for their star signs. Trust me, they will be enamoured to know for themselves. Holy crap sensual excellence!!!

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Less talk more action. So good. But DANG is the physical part good. Spiritual and physical bliss. A Taurus with some water in their chart is a good choice. I want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to Robinson. I pray God almighty give you the strength and wisdom to help more people having similar problem like mine.

Do you want your ex lover back? Do you want to get pregnant? Do you want your husband to appreciate you? Do you want to be famous or rich? Do you want to be a celebrity? Do you your business to grow excessively? Expecting them to remember everywhere something is two conjoined words vs two hyphenated words is unreasonable. Being asked to do these kind of exercises in an interview would be a big red flag for me joining the company.

It strikes me as indicative of an environment in which things are far too tightly wound. Better yet would be looking at examples of work and seeing the style of work the person generally displays. That said if hiring for a seniorish position, I think it is fair for candidates to bring their laptop along and do a little bit of coding. So if someone asks me about different ways of replacing image, i may not be able to answer him at the moment. Now, working together for minutes to solve a current real life problem in the company… agree. I whole-heartedly agree. Sure, this would make some sense if I am sitting writing tons upon tons of JS but as someone in a mainly design-oriented position it is just asinine to ask of.

Is it to be responsive? Where in the browser-compatibility scale are we shooting for? As Chris says, a static challenge, even with a more flexible timeframe is much more reasonable and at the very least marginally productive.

The Enneagram in Relationships-What Types Go Well Together - Lynn

Honestly, I thing most of the question can easily be asked by anyone, that has only briefly worked with CSS. Not directly technology related, my favorite question whenever I interview someone is how they rate themselves as a front end developer on a scale of 1 to Most good candidates will put themselves at a 7 or 8. Yup, I always do.

As somewhat of a CSS beginner, I felt pretty good about knowing some of the answers to these questions! This also gave me some good learning topics to look into. Thanks for this Chris. I for one, am fairly experienced in many aspects of web design, yet I still have to constantly look up things on the web.

In a whiteboard situation, I would likely fail a lot. I am not against on-the-spot skill testing though, but let it be in a real-world scenario. It would be just fun to chat about :. I m going to say that since you are referencing a paragraph which seems to have inline styling and knowing that inline styles are suppose to override everything, that this will still keep the text aligned center. I guess the question is, does important override inline styles? No Billy, the text here would be aligned left. Thanks for this.

You started out a little brutal lol the create the button question is not bad if you are allowed to sort of peak at things. Would be no problem with say a code editor like sublime to help with hints. Anyhow most of these questions are good questions. Mobify Design Team Hiring Person here — thanks for featuring our pen! For the people commenting on the value of CSS tests, we like to use them for one very specific purpose — although we get some other stuff out of it as well.

We administer them during interviews and like to sit in the room with the person as they try to figure them out. This button one is awesome for both testing comfort level with some more advanced CSS3 stuff along with the ability to closely match a given design. Sounds good to me. A simple cheat sheet of css3 properties would suffice and not as if its needed the entire time, but just to have it would be cool.

I like the clearing floats question.

See a Problem?

I ask what would happen if you added a border to the wrapper, and why. I also like to ask the difference between using translate vs. Vancouver is an amazing place to live and work. Ha, Thanks Kyle but I have already relocated a few times. I m back home in NY or at least the northeast for now. With all due respect, the first ting I thought I would say in an interview when I saw the example of:.

Explaining selectors is technical, anyone can study and memorize certain structures for the interview. Is the analytical process and understanding the type of message that bad selector is sending out that I think is most valuable. And as mentioned before — nobody is looking for a textbook on CSS to hire, but on someone with a strong analytics skill and creativity to solve problems in an efficient way. There are tremendously gifted people who do extraordinarily great work — but when asked to explain, they terribly fail.

Sebastian, I totally agree with you. I often find myself in that position. Ideas and problem solutions flow in my head freely, but I dont find the right words to explain them to my co-workers. I think theres nothing wrong with this format of questions as long as you have a backup question incase they dont know how to tackle this exact problem.

I am sure most of us have that one problem which is very basic, one that we know we should be able to solve but we often need some googling to get it done. What if it happens to be one such question for a developer. It makes sense to ask research type questions. Ask them about their workflow, how they would solve a particular problem one which they chose and thought was challenging. You could even ask them what they think was challenging about it. In short, there is no hard and fast rule.

Thanks for reading Yes I know its a bit long but I thought I had to make my feelings known, You can show them a website some of your finished project , and ask them how some element can be coded and styled. You can start with some simple things, and raise difficulty levels. In that way you can tell how far every of them can go, and what are their limits. Technical knowledge is something the right people pick up real fast when guided well, maintaining that knowledge and challenging themselves constantly is what we are looking for in good front-enders. Staying current and being able to keep up with the industry when necessary is more valuable than stagnant skills.

I would definitely include a question about positioning and the position property. Here is my solution:. The stars are the easiest part. Just use pseudo-elements like this:. I did the checkout button in 30 minutes… am I still hired? Kevin, great pen. They are a bit closer together in the example than in your pen. What do you think? Nice work on the button! Awesome work though. Thanks guys. I shortened the letter spacing as Kyle S. Also changed the main gradient to more closely match the original.

Looking good. Missing one thing, I think. Check out the shine on the button a little bit more closely near the left and right edges. Thank you for this post. I have a feeling that practicing some of these things might finally get me hired. Also, is there any way to get the outer box-shadows to respond to hover as the main, central portion of the button does normally without resorting to extra markup or using JS?

I would also love to know, should a small nudging margin be placed on the a:hover, why the star glyphs get slightly larger. What you see was generated in browser! Yes, including those small curves you mentioned. As for the having box shadows react to hover, you might be able to use the same technique required above to get something like that working. Those curves to each side are actually simple. Plus, you can then remove the linear gradients for a slim-down, which is an extra nicety. It might be nice hint, hint if Chris or others could post more things like that for us to emulate and then show some interesting responses.

Sometimes that can be a challenge, but almost always fun to do. So what, is the person now all of a sudden fit for the job? This article made me realize some gaps in my own knowledge! Thanks for the summary. Great article and some interesting comments Chris. It a simple fact that many of my students are required to undertake a test as part of their interview process when applying for front-end roles.

Tests seem common practice. The content seen a little bit extensive to apply in an interview, BUT opened my mind about the importance to update the content. You should read my comment here :. I would prefer someone looks at my previous work but I d be ready to interview to answer questions or code up something. I got pretty close I think. I think this is a great way to vet people and see how they think. I just ran some potential employees through some tests and I found it to be extremely revealing.

Maybe you would be better with content strategy or other aspects of the job. You have to really love CSS if you are going to write it all day. I would think that people who love CSS would be happy for the challenge. While good interview material and test of css syntax…a good follow up question would be if they would ever try and use something like that. It depends. Yes using long css like that is probably not efficient but its probably better for maintenance.

You can put a class on every single link for mail to which might not be alot in this case, but what if you want to have certain links be a different color than all the normal colors? You can add a class to every single link but that adds to markup. I feel like they both have their pros and cons as with most things. Another example is, every time you add a new link that fits that scenario you have to remember to add the class vs adding it inside the ul it will automatically be picked up.

So why it may be no good for a certain business who say cares more about performance than another, everything should be situational. And more Importantly the new layout system like Flexbox should we worry about those things as an interviewee? Share this: Twitter Facebook. Exercises To Do Seeing people's actual work is just as important as what they say. Give people an image of a button, and tell them: Using CSS properties alone, recreate this button: This would be a great test of the candidate's CSS3 skills. Things I would look for: How did they handle multiple borders?

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Did they use text-transform: uppercase; for the text? That would be best. How did they handle the stars? Pseudo elements would be a good candidate there. Did they use unicode? Icon font? Did they catch the subtle text-shadow? How did they split the background in the main part of the button? Personality Interview Question 4: Who is the biggest influence on your career? Personality Interview Question 8: What motivates you? Personality Interview Question 9: Tell me about a time when you failed at something. Personality Interview Question What are your pet peeves?

Personality Interview Question What will your reference say is your biggest weakness? Other articles we think you'll like. Notify of. So you want to start recruiting? We'd love to help. Firstly, could you tell us what role you're looking to fill? What role are you looking to recruit? Town, City, County or Area for field roles. What basic salary are you looking to pay? Tell us how much you are willing to pay for the right person. admin